The good thing about the state of Georgia is the peaches and the most affordable cars on the market. When you have a chance to visit some new or used vehicles try to do a comparison of prices. Compare prices at the buy here pay here car lots in Georgia and the standard used car lots. Some will claim to be certified while others will say they have some extended mileage benefits.

While all of these are great you want to be sure whatever you purchase that you get your monies worth out of every dollar you put in. Nobody like to come out behind. So that is why we created this site that will allow you to find a buy here pay here dealer in your area that is best for in-financing. After the sales manager gives you the go ahead to drive the car make sure you let them know that you have already been approved for a buy here pay here deal by going to the next page and applying there.

Application is simple and qualification does not take much. You need to have income and be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident. They will verify your employment so make sure to bring in a recent pay stub as well. If you only get retirement benefits bring these into the dealer to show how much you gross per month.




Address: 10 GlenLake Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30328

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