North Dakota

For some we like to go right into it and offer you the best locations for finding a top quality dealer. While finding a dealership that will get you the loan you need you also have someone to back you up with an in-house lending program. Some deals can only be had if you are willing to get approved first and when this happens make sure you bring all of your appropriate documents with you.

For some you can take a bit of you money that you saved up at the bank and come in with $500 down. Other can maybe get away with less however it really depends on what car you decide to go with. Not all banks are willing to give you a loan and that is why we think the deals in North Dakota is best to be secured by some of the programs on the next page.

For the most part without thinking to deep into what some banks are looking for. You can just get what you need now. Typically they are going to want proof of income and also proof or residence. A utility bill will usually do. For the income they may want a pay stub or a retirement pay stub depending on what kind of monthly stubs you receive.


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