When coming down to the south there are no greater ways to prove that you love than driving an American Chevy truck We also love the Ford and other vehicle but for the most part you can take a great look at what the average person are using and notice they have a thing or two in common.  For all the deals can be found at used car lots especially at the BHPH dealers because of so many great staff members.

You cannot get what you don’t ask for. So when you are willing and dealing with the car salesmen make sure you ask for something that you really want. These can all be made possible if they want to earn your business. Some actually say they can turn water into wine but when you have a customer in your office you want to do whatever you can to make their dreams come true.

The good thing we like to see about the in-house trend is that the customers have less time to pay off the vehicle. Having less time to pay off the buy here pay here vehicle does mean that your payment will be higher however complete change of title happens faster and get the banks and lending companies off your back.  For now you can usually decide between a 12 month or 36 month program when getting down to the basic installment agreements.



South Haven



Address: 63 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602

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