The total world knows what the state of Michigan has to offer. Detroit has been the motor capital of the world for decades and when you need to get any kind of vehicle be it foreign or domestic this is the best place to be. Yes there are a lot of new cars on the block but at these locations you will also find someone that traded in their used car and purchase a new one.

Even though they got rid of their vehicle it does not mean that vehicle is bad. In fact there is a good chance that the car is in great quality especially coming from such a motor driven state. The people here have great paying jobs and some actually do purchase a buy here pay here vehicle from their jobs at a fine discount but when you look at what you get including the warranty you cannot go wrong.

For the most part we want you to take the time to see different auto locations when you can so for starters you can see what the mom and pop shops have to offer and help keep the money in the community. These communities depend on your business and you can help by stopping by and taking a look to meet some wonderful staff there.




Grand Rapids



Address:615 Griswold St. Detroit, MI 48226

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