Some good things can come out of the great state of Maryland. Some of the most beautiful people live in this state and we know that for some you can find some pretty good autos. Average cars from a buy here pay here can sell for $13400 and some may go for more. The income per family is higher in most areas versus the rest of the country. This usually will allow you to find a pretty good used car that has not had a lot of mileage and is in good condition.

People who like to buy or upgrade to a different car every couple of years will be much better off just going with a simple car that offers great fuel mileage. But we do know some customers may want leather seats and high custom or factory rims that can cost $2000 to $7800 dollars. While this is an add-on feature this is some of the requests that we see from time to time.

You can find some good deals at the dealerships on the next page and the costs do vary depending on what you are willing to negotiate. You can increase your negotiation ability by getting approved first before you visit the car lot. Going in with a more true buyer’s approach gives you the demand and the know how to ask for a better lower price on most new or used cars.





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Baltimore, MD 21201

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