Driving a car to and from work every day makes you forget the hard work that goes into purchasing a car. However if you have a very expensive car or a vehicle that breaks down all the time you start to reconsider what you have actually done to deserve this kind of treatment. The expenses of car repairs do vary per vehicle and one thing for sure is that it is bound to wipe out your bank account if the feel you have the means to send them on a vacation.

This is typically how these car garages stay in business and they actually show you because the writing is on the wall. Most car repair shops can charge in excess of $50-$100 per hour. This is comparable to what you will hear at a law office or doctor’s facility. That is why we know and think that the vehicle warranty is the up most important tool to have when you need to get some minor or major work done.




Some buy here pay here dealers actually allow you to purchase the warranty before leaving the car dealership and some do not want you to take anything that may cause them a risk of losing their ability to issue a benefit.

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