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2. Try to save at lease 10-20% down for a purchase so that way you can drive off the lot the same day.

3. Try to bring a close family member or friend with you to make sure you are not going to get take advantage of.

These are some of the simple thing you want to do. See we know and have witness that credit is basically everything in the auto world and when you get into the second chance market or any auto dealerships that will be willing and waiting to get any money you are willing to give away.

These things happen very often and we have for some time wanted you to be completely aware of some things that can easily push you in the wrong direction. So no matter if it is a new or used car, foreign or domestic vehicle the more you end up paying for car repairs can be something you wan to be full aware of.

The other things that we have failed to discuss is what type of financing that can also hurt you when you are in the market to purchase a car. These rates can be anything from 10% to 40% on average so you need to have your calculator with you to double check all the numbers against what you anticipate of paying versus what in reality you want to spend on your monthly obligation.

For some the best way to make sure you get the vehicle and the bad credit car loan that you desire at a low price is to get the loan pre-approved before heading out to the auto dealers to purchase a vehicle. Once you have pre-approval, the power is in your hands. Now we highly suggest you take your time to figure if this may be the best strategy regarding getting you a 2nd hand vehicle, but most people who consider a buy here pay here dealership usually have a couple flaws on their credit which can hold them back from negotiating a good price on a vehicle.

The more dealership in one particular city the better chance you will have on getting a low price used car but this also means the sharks are prowling waiting for you every penny to put in their bank accounts. Just don’t dip into your kids or your family college fund trying to purchase a vehicle that may depreciate in value before they get their degree.

There are a few other credit lenders that may have the ability to extend you some assistance and this is called in-house lending. With in-house lending the car dealership typically will have a few small or large investors that they work with locally that may lend you some money at around 10%. This interest rate is attractive to a lot of small and large investors if they can be guaranteed a return on their money. Their money is typically insured based off the amount of cash you have to put towards the equity of the vehicle, better known as down payment. The larger the down payment the easier it is for some investor or bank to lend you money on a collateral loan.

let them slide you into a pre-payment penalty because some car loans will try to insure they receive the largest amount of payout by making sure you do not re-finance the car loan because they will not get their interest payment as soon as you pay off the vehicle.

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